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Classico P

Herbal Tsipouro

Unique distillate from grapes with fresh, forest aromas and white flowers. Relax in the shade of pine and listen to the expression of life to vibrate the quiet of the forest! But, first of all, enjoy an experience that disarms you!

|Aroma story |

Aroma fresh, festive and pleasant notes of mountain flowers that fill your senses. Become a traveler in a virtual forest picnic
with the friendship of a great cocktail adding tonic and lemon.

| Inspiration |

The melody, the lyrics of a sweet poem taken from the journey of life, an art that accompanies beautiful moments.

| Character |

Appearance: Clear, colorless.
Nose: Forest, lilac, mango, thyme.
Palate: Juniper, licorice, mint, pear, jasmine, mastic.
After: Herbal, fresh and complex.
Texture: Mouthfilling, fresh.

| Pairing |

Feel the melody of classico P in a refreshing cocktail at the beach. Cream cheese, vegetables, chicken, forest fruits, pasta.

| Perfect Serve | Poet |

Ιn a ballon glass, with tonic and lemon.

| The art of distillation |

Excellent quality selected grapes of Northern Greece area. Unique recipe of grape varieties fermented at vacuum -sealed inox tanks at a controlled temperature hall. Innovative pre-homogenization at controlled preheating swirl process, in special inox tanks. Discontinuous distillation in copper pot-column still, with head and tail cutting. Ageing for 12 months in inox tanks.

Made naturally | No sugar, No additives!