Alchemestes No.9

Fruity Brandy

A complicated and fruity character with playful notes of citrus and botanicals, a distillate from wine and fruits.  A flavor dance between sensual and sweet rhythm. The eternal breath of youth and vitality, it’s thoroughly protected under the veil of romance.

| Aroma Story |

An aroma that effuse mystery and complexity extend and enforce wealth. A strong, fruity character adds a playful view into a classical elegance.
It balances through a breath of freshness and a touch of style.

| Inspiration |

The youthful character of Pleonastos, the precious stone that emerged from the simplicity and memory of childhood giving therapeutic skills and elegance.

| Character |

Appearance: Clear, colorless.
Nose: Citrus fruits, tangerine, lotus, peach, juniper.
Palate: Orange, licorice, pineapple, almond, cinnamon.
After: Fruity and complex.
Texture: Mouthfilling, smooth

| Pairing |

Celebrate with your distillate to accompany the moments of aristocrats. Chocolate, coffee, caramelized nuts, cheeses, citrus fruits, salad.

| Perfect Serve | Pleonastos |

In a martini glass, serve with orange slice and a cherry on a toothpick.

| Cocktail | Eso 9tini |

Espresso, black chocolate.

| The art of distillation |

Excellent quality selected grapes of Northern Greece area. Unique recipe of grape varieties fermented at vacuum -sealed inox tanks at a controlled temperature hall. Innovative pre-homogenization at controlled preheating swirl process, in special inox tanks. Discontinuous distillation in copper pot-column still, with head and tail cutting. Ageing for 12 months in inox tanks.

Made naturally | No sugar, No additives!