Alchemestes mission Nο 4

Alchemestes mission Nο 4 tsipouro. The mission of the No. 4 alchemestes collection is to create a creative excess, to accompany unique and important moments.

The particular Kordieritis has been used in the past in navigation, due to strong pleochroism which covers it. Then again, this is the most innovative spirit of the collection. Therefore, A gentle and pleasant aroma will introduce you in research of wisdom and power.

The fresh, full and slightly sweet taste, will dilate your interest for sensuality. Also, will give you the experience of a calm sea after a storm. After all the original recipe has its roots deep and focuses on stimulating the eroticism and elegance.

You can serve it with grilled octopus, squid, shellfish or smoked delicacies.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a unique dining experience try it with fresh sea urchin and drops of lemon.Or combine it with soda and lemon and enjoy an excellent drink.

Made naturally

No sugar, No additives!

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100ml – 13,00€, 500ml – 38,46€