Signature Flight- Price 10€ per person. This tour at DORODOULI tsipouro & spirits distillery includes the opportunity to taste two of our signature spirits of your choice.

The Classico Experience- Price 15€ per person. This choice allows you to have a tour of our distillery and to explore all the spirits of the Classico collection, which is based on the pomace distillation in the vaporization process. Each product of this series was created by using a special recipe and named by its uniqueness. It is a collection that is equivalent to the transition of the Greek heritage to the new era, always with respect to our traditions. Our goal is the evolution of the authentic ancient methods and recipes. This collection is an excellent addition to your menu! 

The Alchemestes Experience- Price 20€ per person. This experience explores the journey of our spirits of the Alchemestes collection, combined with a tour of our distillery. The mission of the Alchemestes collection is to approximate happiness and prosperity, as mental and physical protection, as a kind of elixir of life. Also, the pleasure of tasting an excellent distilled spirit gives you the fullness of the senses! It’s a special addition to your bar or your cocktail!

A Full Flight- Price 25€ per person. Enjoy a tour and a full tasting of our products in our distillery. You can discover our special production and taste all of our spirits. We invite you to explore the new generation of the Greek tradition and to discover our ”Philosophical Litho” from our collections Classico and Alchemestes.

The VIP Flight- Price 40€ per person. In this experience, you can enjoy a full flight combined with excellent dishes created by our favorites chefs. This option is at least for 4 people.

NOTES! The tour prices include a shopping voucher of 5€  in our shop. All the tours have to be booked at least one day in advance, except for the Signature Flight which can be conducted during open hours. We have ensured access for people with disabilities to our facilities.