Classico spirit X




Classico spirit X

Classico spirit X-amalyrio aged tsipouro. Accompany your beautiful moments with love and warmth on an aromatic journey in nostalgia. An elegant aroma and a smooth taste. Forthwith, spirit X will take you into the magical warmth of a winter atmosphere. Especially, the strong presence of wood and spices decisively contributes to relaxation and enjoyment that you certainly looking for!

Dare to fly your senses and indulge yourself in the warm playfulness of the flame that starts in your fireplace! Therefore, relax with your friends and with a glass of classy, aged tsipouro from our distillery and enjoy the clear tranquility of a premium drink.

Taste the satisfaction, enjoy the color and uniqueness of this excellent creature that will satisfy you in all your senses! We present you the spirit X, the perfect pure quality in aged tsipouro from Dorodouli tsipouro & spirits distillery.

Made naturally

No sugar, No additives!

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200ml – 27,66€, 500ml – 53,26€


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