Classico spirit V




Classico spirit V

Classico spirit V-eludo tsipouro. The complexity is plenty in this creative distillate “lady” when you meet her…

Her highlights are the irresistible concert of flavors and aromas. Therefore, spoil yourself in the fresh autumn breeze to touch your senses.

Relax in an easy ride near the river, permit your body in the magical dance of aromas and feel your afternoon walk in nature. From the first drop of this elixirs is pouring out its rich nature and the sequence of taste and smell that raises the spirit and the senses.

Seems like a magic bottle, ready to satisfy your desire for enjoyment. Try a full beverage that harmoniously combines taste and aroma in a perfect balance.

Made naturally

No sugar, No additives!

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200ml – 19,78 €, 500ml – 34,90 €


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