Classico spirit T




Classico spirit T

Classico spirit T-sipouro. Deeply hidden in memories were the secret of the authentic Greek recipe come from the experts of tsipouro. Chiefly, this drink is a wet personification of joy and relaxation through the ordinary demands of life. The aim was to create a liquid masterpiece.

A liquid that blesses you with the strength, to keep going through the saltiness of the next day. Especially, a liquid that allows you to feel alive through the moments of happiness and pride. Definitely, with people/ friends.

The precious “Tsipouro” today accompanies us at the tables next to the beach, with good friends, with laughter and appetizers. In fact, that view has composed the frame of the original Greek, young people.

The distillery Dorodouli tsipouro & spirits renewed the traditional recipes and define a new signature… for the new day. Moreover, the distillery travels with the new traveler in life, on a journey that is not as hard as before, but more balanced and rich in flavors.

Our wish is to be the next day, the new day, bright and creative through the few authentic moments of Greek clepsydra!

Made naturally

No sugar, No additives!

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200ml – 16,08€, 500ml – 28,94€


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