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Delicate Tsipouro

Excellent quality distillate from grapes with light character. Recommended with seafood. Deeply hidden in memories were the secret of the authentic Greek recipe come from the experts of tsipouro.  Our wish is for the new day to be bright and creative, through the few authentic moments of Greek clepsydra!

| Aroma Story |

A liquid that blesses you with the strength, to keep going through the saltiness of the next day. A spirit that allows you to feel alive through the moments of happiness and pride.

| Inspiration |

The power of choice, the beginning of freedom from a series of decisions. The respect of rights and justice, democracy.

| Character |

Appearance: Clear, colorless.
Nose: Sea breeze, jasmine, fig, elderflower.
Palate: Papaya, sweet red pepper, mastic.
After: Gentle and complex.
Texture: Spirit forwrard, smooth

| Pairing |

The precious “Tsipouro” today accompanies us at the tables next to the beach, with good friends, with laughter and appetizers. Compose that Mediterranean view with seafood, olives, feta, sun-dried tomatoes, salt-dried fish, caviar sauce.

| Perfect Serve | Prophesier |

Ιn a tulip glass, with a lemon peel.

| The art of distillation |

Excellent quality selected grapes of Northern Greece area. Unique recipe of grape varieties fermented at vacuum -sealed inox tanks at a controlled temperature hall. Innovative pre-homogenization at controlled preheating swirl process, in special inox tanks. Discontinuous distillation in copper pot-column still, with head and tail cutting. Ageing for 12 months in inox tanks.

Made naturally | No sugar, No additives!

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200ml – 12,15€, 500ml – 19,20€