Classico Spirit G

Classico Spirit G-lykaniso anise flavored. When the fervor of a traditional copper alembic raised from the Aegean aroma; When the salty air of the summer breeze embraces the seeds of Greek land. Then, is the time, that the wet steam distils the essence of the true Greek heart of our spirit G.

When the familiar, special and loving presence anise surrounded by freshwater pearls, the aroma wakes. The color changes from transparent to opaque, the miracle begins and spreads pleasure in all senses!

Spirit G is the famous old recipe of distillation “anise tsipouro”, through targeted analysis and careful study.

Spirit G is the creation of a superior product with amazing taste. We invite you to try the new face of Greek tradition.

0% Sugar additives

0% Color additives

0% Chemical substance

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200ml – 16,08€, 500ml – 28,94€


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