Classico spirit C




Classico spirit C

Classico spirit C-entiani aged tsipouro. Tightly locked in a bottle, with an extremely romantic character is the spirit name C and waits for you.

Try it! Relax on a trip through the warm colors of a sunset in the glorious moments of tranquility. With a complexity in flavor, the unique taste and the perfect balance of spirit C manages to remains in memory.

An integrated experience with a gentle approach to absolute warmth through wood and spices doses of a truly unique creation.

A sunset that calms the soul! brings nostalgia in thought! and gratitude to the heart!

A bottle of spirit C. aged tsipouro of Dorodouli tsipouro & spirits distillery patiently is waiting to be poured out on a call tasting of whom desire to explore the elegant and plenty merit.

Chocolate and nuts! recommended!

Made naturally

No sugar, No additives!

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200ml – 27,66 €, 500ml – 53,26 €


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