Alchemestes No.7

Pomace Brandy

A precious and romantic distillate with aromas of roses and mastic, a sweet and peppery aftertaste. The distillate No. 7 reflects the sweets notes of a pure, mature love and the harmony, in its full aroma, specify the full satisfaction of the senses.

| Aroma Story |

The rich and deep flavor highlights determine its precious character. An instant sparkle of love in a mystical and sensual presence will surprise you. A delicate spirit that tenderly touches a bouquet of roses.

| Inspiration |

In the Baroque era the Olivinis precious belonged to the lovers offering the precious beginning of life.

| Character |

Appearance: Clear, colorless.
Nose: Rose, melon, fig.
Palate: Mastic, pepper, dried flowers.
After: Soft, sweet and fresh.
Texture: Mouthfilling, smooth.

| Pairing |

Let the romantic character of the spirit accompany your meal or explore the roses of an erotic cocktail. Soft cheeses, forest fruits, chicken, caviar, seafood, salads, pasta, almonds, pear.

| Perfect Serve | Olivinis |

Ιn a coupe or martini glass, with white grapes.

| The art of distillation |

Excellent quality selected grapes of Northern Greece area. Unique recipe of grape varieties fermented at vacuum -sealed inox tanks at a controlled temperature hall. Innovative pre-homogenization at controlled preheating swirl process, in special inox tanks. Discontinuous distillation in copper pot-column still, with head and tail cutting. Ageing for 12 months in inox tanks.

Made naturally | No sugar, No additives!