Alchemestes mission No 5




Alchemestes mission No 5 

Alchemestes mission No 5 aged tsipouro. The mission of No. 5 of alchemestes collection is to offer moments of relaxation and reflection.

Aged tsipouro Νο. 5, borrows its spiritual characteristic of semi-precious stone Sodalitos. With this in mind, according to an old belief, Sodalitos gives a clear mind and prepares the man for knowledge.

Discover the sweet aroma with a strong overall presence of the spirit. Especially, a floral bouquet with touches of mastic and smoky caramel are offering a playful sense.

Dressed in the color of the night sky, the mission Νο. 5 stands out! Therefore, it remains, deep in mind, as intensely aristocratic with a velvety taste. Also, the pink flowers are dancing into a clear aftertaste of a redemptive pleasure.

Aged tsipouro Νο. 5 is a valuable companion in search of strength and vitality. Indeed, it is a nice touch on your daily balance and fills you with new interest.

You can combine it with a variety of gourmet seafood and enjoy it with a good company.

Dress code be elegant!

Made naturally

No sugar, No additives!

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100ml – 18,70€, 500ml – 56,00€


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