Alchemestes Nο. 1

Amber Brandy

Aristocratic, aged distillate from wine with notes of dried fruits and spices. This brandy is created to give moments of wealth, love, creativity and mental euphoria.

| Aroma story |

The classy, woody sense flirts with a seductive aroma. While the freshly baked, sweet taste, in a festive atmosphere, gives a unique experience. The velvet, rich taste relaxes the tension through the euphoria of a wealty palette.

| Inspiration |

In ancient Greece, they believed that the precious stone, Piropalios, lived in the spirit of truth, as its iridescent color resembled the eyes of young children. On the other hand, the Arabs believed that falls from the sky in a bright lightning flash and bring you luck.

| Character |

Appearance: Clear, bronze color.

Nose: Wood, apple, cinnamon, honey.

Palate: Vanilla, dried apricot, almond, caramel.

After: Long, fruity, complex.

Texture: Smooth, mouthfilling, rich.

| Pairing |

The spirit No1 wants to be the star in a ballet of rich emotions, providing a glow of happiness. Obviously, the sensual, delicate distillate No1 is the star of the collection. So, we invite you to enjoy it, in combination with fruit, fresh or dried, and try not to forget your cigar …

| Perfect Serve | Piropalios |

In a Brandy/ Snifter glass, serve with orange slice and cinnamon zest.

 | Spirits & Bites | 1st Touch |

Celebrate every moment with your favorite brandy and its queen: Samali with strawberry caviar.

More bite ideas: dried apples, dried apricots, walnuts, prosciutto, graviera.

| The art of distillation |

Excellent quality selected wines of Northern Greece area. Unique recipe of grape varieties fermented at vacuum -sealed inox tanks at a controlled temperature hall. Innovative pre-homogenization at controlled preheating swirl process In special inox tanks. Discontinuous distillation in copper pot-column still, with head and tail cutting.

Ageing for 36 months in 3 different types of barrels.

Made naturally |No sugar, No additives!

Additional information


100 ml 18,23€, 500ml – 40,75€